Work Portfolio

Web Development Portfolio

I've worked a couple of years as a web developer, so below are some sites that I've worked on that are out there for the public to see. The code worked on for these companies was proprietary, so if you wish to see code/documentation please refer to the links on the Links page.

Also note, that I have projects I've worked on publicly at Andras Media as well.

For open-source software projects I've been working on recently you can find those in the Projects or Wiki pages on the site.

For my Design portfolio check out the Design page on the site.

Outside Links
Site Name Description
Academy Sports + Outdoors Worked as lead web developer, revamped the overall style and content of the site, creating marketing material, promotional material, personalization/curated content, as well as tools to automate workflows.
Smith and Associates Website Managed Wordpress and Magento sites for ecommerce platforms (both front-end and back-end development).
Also worked on UX team to create designs for new applications and tools for other departments.
Server Monkey Helped create the new updated layout for the site and worked with a team to refresh the companies branding.
Big E Drilling Put together and managed the Wordpress site for the Big E Brands
Eastham Machining Part of Big E, this was created from scratch using Hugo and is hosted via a VPS.
Andras Media LLC. Created static site via Hugo, created a custom theme and host it myself on a VPS.
Danny's Laundry Service Created the site and branding for Danny's Laundry Service. The site is no longer maintained by me but by their parent company.

Design Portfolio

I started learning and working on graphic design about 6 years ago, I started working on it more frequently and pursuing a career in it for about 5 years. I've studied User eXperience for about 3 years, and have been utilizing my knowledge professionally for about 2.5 years. I've worked on a variety of projects, from freelance work to work with some large companies, all of which allowed me to grow and develop my skills. I love design, and try and create projects that help people or serve a purpose rather than just design something trendy and eye catching.

This page contains the links to any UX portfolio materials and any past work that has been deemed okay for the public to see since it dosn't contain sensitive material.

I can send a link to my whole portolio compressed upon request

Some of the material I've worked on has been proprietary so I can't outright put it online, so that is the reason for content being omitted from this list.

Item Description
Certified eSupport Created branding guides, UX maps, and mockups for new apps and emails. Given upon request.
Smith and Associates Created UX mockups for internal projects including websites and apps. through my year of being there
Andras Media Created Brand Assets for company
Haruhichan Banners Created assets and promotional banners for shows coming out on the site.
Jahovah Shalom Created Logo, promotional material, and website
Texas Laundry Created Logo, promotional material, and website
Logo Design Logos I had created for fun
Album Covers Album covers and singles covers I created for commission and for fun
DebtMD Created branding guide and provided mockups for site