Sitemap - Links To My Works

On this page will house links to all my public works as well as all the pages on this site for people to reference. Think of this as a sitemap where every top level link is.

As new pages get added on the site they will also be added here. So if you've been here before then this page may have changed since your last visit.


AboutAn about page that gives a little backstory on myself.
BlogBlog where all my posts are.
BooksFeed where my book reviews are.
CategoriesAny and all posts categorized.
Contact MeWays to contact me (email, matrix, irc, etc).
DesignLinks to my design portfolio.
GamesMy articles and writingsBlog articles regarding games.
PGP KeyMy public PGP Key.
LibraryListing out books I am reading currently, or have recently read, including reviews.
Link RepoArchive of useful links I've archived for myself and others.
NowWhat I'm currently doing and working on.
PapersA collection of papers I've written.
PortfolioPortfolio for all projects I've worked on professionally.
ProjectsList of all active maintained software projects.
RSS FeedRSS feed for all of my posts.
TagsPost tags, any sort of keyword to find a specific post.
WikiPersonal wiki that covers my works and topics that I may have referenced.

Outside Links
Title Description
Andras Media My company that focuses on ethical Design and Web Solutions for companies.
GitHub Used mostly for collaboration, issue tracking, and working on public projects.
Gitea Main Git Site, hosted and moderated by myself.
GitLab Fallback for Gitea repos.
Bandcamp Where I post most of my public facing works of Music.
YouTube Where I upload my Music and other visual arts projects.
Mastodon My only active "social media" account. My account where I upload game assets or games I'm working on.
CodeWars My account where I upload game assets or games I'm working on.
LibrePay If you wish to donate, LibrePay is a freedom respective alternative to Patreon.
IRC If you see me on IRC my nick is materialfuture on Freenode or otherwise.
IPFS If you're on the Lain IPFS Swarm you can visit the site above. Otherwise refer to this post .
Matrix Contact me if you wish to reach me on Matrix