I started delving into computers at a young age, but to be honest I probably didn't use a computer proper until nearly the age of 11 when I recieved a second-hand laptop for my birthday. From then on I've beenconstantly learning and creating. When I turned 15 or so I started getting more into computers and started learning about music production and proper video editing to which I created 100+ songs, and edited videos for both my YouTube channels and for other people (sometimes even for money).

After high-school however I went off to College where I picked up some Visual Basic, HTML/CSS/JS, some .NET, and general programming knowledge. I also took classes on UNIX where I learned to write more proper Bash scripts and learned the basic UNIX/POSIX principals with the basics of the Linux kernel. After my short time attending college I took some time off to go to a coding bootcamp where I learned semantic HTML as well as Javascript, ReactJS, and MongoDB. While I still take classes and courses I try and have a variety of topics I'm learning about such as; UX Design Methodologies, Free/Libre Software, Full-Stack Development, and more recently System Administration and System Security. I will always strive to learn more and do more while bettering myself.

From what I've learned from school and what I've gathered elsewhere I try and keep notes of all that I've learned, so as of recently I have been trying to covert those notes and papers to Groff/Troff and LaTeX for further archiving. As I try and compile all that I've written in the past, I'm also trying to write about my experiences in all the fields that I've worked and am compiling all of those papers and writing to go into some sort of repository here on this site. I want to make all my technical work public at a point because I believe that knowledge should be shared, never hidden away or made private, and although some may believe that to be a bit extreme, it's always been a personal belief of mine.

I plan to write about my experience using Crystal Lang in real projects and how Crystal Lang could help Free Software and people wanting to perhaps move from Ruby or C to Crystal. More recently I've picked up some C++/C in hopes expand my knowledge on how computers work and hope to extend that knowledge to my Crystal/C projects.

Some other projects I have include; writing papers on Design/Psychology and the philosophy of Free Software in the current age, creating bootstrap projects for JamStack sites, and working on some ideas/software to launch with my company. I'm focusing more on writing and working to contribute my writing skills to free software projects for their documentation. I hope to contribute my knowledge to those who seek it and to help advance projects in their infancy so that way they can blossom into fully realized ideas.

I have a company that I run with my wife called Andras Media, we do Graphic Design, Web Hosting/Development, and Creative Consulting, visit the site.

My Practices

  • Software Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Video Editing
  • Writing


  • Javascript
    • VueJS + Vuex
    • Code Runners
      • Grunt
      • Gulp
    • *ReactJS
    • *D3JS
    • *Deno
  • HTML5
    • Semantic HTML
    • Pug/Jade Templating
  • CSS3
    • LESS
    • Auto Prefixers
  • Crystal Lang
    • Creating APIs | Web Servers
    • Integrating C Libraries
    • CLI Applications
    • Slang Templating
    • Creating Libraries and Tools
  • PHP
    • Laravel 5.8+
    • Wordpress
    • Magento 2.0
  • Version Control
    • Git (Command-Line and Web clients)
  • Typesetting
    • LaTeX
    • Pandoc
    • Markdown
    • Org-Mode
  • Shell Scripting
    • Bash + Sh
  • Python
    • *Flask
    • *RenPy
  • Selenium Testing
    • *NightwatchJS
  • Lisp
    • *Emacs Lisp
    • *Common Lisp
  • C Family
    • *ANSI C
    • *C++


  • Linux System Administration
  • Graphic Design
  • Professional Video Editing

General/Practical Skills

  • Welding
  • Repairing automotive and hydraulic machinery
  • Cosmetic Repair for Large Machinery
  • Repairing and testing electronic components

Operating Systems Experience

  • GNU/Linux Systems
    • Debian-Based
    • RHEL-Based
    • Arch-Based
  • Windows
    • *DOS
    • 2000
    • Windows7
    • *Windows 10
  • Mac OSX+

Personal Setup

  • Machine: ThinkPad x200
  • OS: Arch x86-64
  • Kernel: Linux
  • Shell: Bash
  • IDE: Doom Emacs + Vim

More info about my setup...

*Denoting Minimal Proficiency

"To put is still more plainly: the desire for security and the feeling of insecurity are the same thing. To hold your breath is to lose your breath." -- Alan Watts